2018 Democracy Day: ‘Stop The Blame Game, Work For Nigeria’

From Julius B Kezi, Kafanchan
The Jema’a Local Government Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CHN) Youth Wing has organized series of events including lectures as part of activities marking Nigeria’s 2018 Democracy Day.
In a message to the occasion on Tuesday at Bishara Baptist Church, Kafanchan, CAN Chairman of the Local Government, Rev. Fr. John Mark Chitnum, urged the youth not to relax on security consciousness to secure the area.
Represented by the PRO of the chapter, Rev. Ben Omas Ayuba, CAN Chairman, challenged the youth to engage in gainful ventures rather than remaining idle in their prime years “for an idle mind is the devils workshop”, he emphasized.
In a paper presented at the event, Reverend Ben Omas Ayuba lamented that leaders in the country have not been obeying God’s instructions in the discharge of their functions, protecting the lives and properties of citizens, especially the indigent, vulnerable groups, weak and aged, exposing them to violence, kidnapping, insecurity, poverty, illiteracy and all forms of vices.
Reverend Ayuba who spoke on the topic “Leadership for Peace and Community Development” however urged the youth to pursue the course of peace at all times to enhance development, God’s protection and blessings.
In a goodwill message, a former member, National Assembly, Hon. Ado Audu Dogo noted with satisfaction, the unbroken civilian rule since 1999, however regretted that leaders in the country were yet to do enough for citizens to feel the impact of democratic governance.
He said democratic practice in Nigeria does not respect the rule of Law as democratic principles imbedded in the constitution are violated through manipulations, even elections and other similar vices.
The former parliamentarian noted with satisfaction, what he described the excellent performance of the youth in the last Local Government election in the state and called on them to sustain the good spirit of peace, tolerance and pursuit of truth in subsequent elections.
In his welcome address earlier, the Chairman Youth CAN Jema’a Local Government Mr. Joel O Adegboyega said two dates, 1st October and May 29th every year are very important to Nigeria, which signify liberation, independence, freedom and hope for a new life and future.
“October 1st, 1960, Nigeria gained independence from British Colonial Rule, while May 29th, 1999, Nigeria returned to civil rule, after decades of military rule” he noted.
However he questioned, 19 years after, “Are we really in democracy?” and lamented that both the rulers (leadership) and the led (citizens) “have not played their roles as expected” and are busy apportioning blames rather than correcting ills.
Mr. Joel Adegboyega advocated all-inclusive participation in governance from the grassroots, deliberate attitudinal change towards commerce and trade, speak out when things are going wrong, use legitimate means to correct wrongs, form a network to secure the country or communities, call leaders to regular accountability, stop fighting, be united and plan strategies for better future.
He called on all to shun hate intensions, actions, speeches and corruption and work towards building a better Nigeria.
In a communiqué endorsed by its chairman, Youth CAN Jema’a Chapter said whoever intends to contest for elective position at any level of governance, must identify with CAN and SOKAPU, leaders who did not perform should be voted out; political leaders must be accessible and accountable regularly and government should stop harassing and infringing on the rights of people who air out their genuine opinions in the 21st century democratic society- Nigeria.
The Communiqué further demands that government and private sectors should encourage farmers to go into commercial farming of food and economic crops like ginger, rice, soy beans and cowpea, to checkmate poverty. Politicians should provide a ground for political nurturing and mentoring for the youths, stressing the need for skills empowerment for their self-reliance and economic prosperity.
Furthermore, the communiqué called on the youth to obey and support their leaders, obtain their permanent voters and national identity cards, cultivate the spirit of unity, engage in menial ventures like trading, without disparity and use their youth in the service of God, among others.

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