‘Buhari’s Broadcast Is An Epic Fail’

President Muhammadu Buhari Photograph: Sunday Aghaeze/AFP/Getty Images

President/National Coordinator, Grassroots Empowerment International (GEI), Engr. Olayinka Olushola-Obimakinde, has described Monday’s national broadcast by President Muhammadu Buhari as “an epic fail which did not address the burning issues of the 104 days of Mr. President’s absence from this country.”
In particular while “joining teeming Nigerians to welcome the President back to his fatherland and congratulate him on his improved state of health,” Engr. Olushola-Obimakinde faulted the “President’s failure to name and shame the so-called Arewa youths for their illegal quit notice to the Igbo to leave the North by October 1, which is fast approaching and hangs over the unity of this country like a sword of Damocles.”
He continued: “Nigeria should be seen as a single family irrespective of religious, ethnic and language difference, GEI believes that as a father of this great nation, the President should act as one who loves all his children the same, GEI finds it a bit worrisome as to why President Buhari did not directly call the Arewa youths to order in that national speech. I expected him to name and shame the Arewa groups and their enablers in Arewa House and Government Houses who fete them in Governors’ Lodges. That would have sent a strong signal to other secessionists groups in the country. President Buhari has again missed a golden opportunity to douse tension in the country and shame the so-called Arewa youths.”
Engr. Olushola-Obimakinde, who is a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and grassroots mobiliser in Alimosho Local Government, Lagos State singlehandedly commissioned a special edition of The Dream Daily Newspaper to commemorate the PDP Non-Elective National Convention held at the Eagle Square, Abuja on August 12, 2017, where the GEI gave out thousands of copies to the delegates from the 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The GEI is a non-governmental organisation whose aims include returning power to the people and giving the grassroots a voice in government at all levels.

Engr. Olayinka Olushola-Obimakinde

Engr. Olushola-Obimakinde, who is also the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Sykapia Group of Companies, expressed concern that “President Buhari may have been rushed back to Nigeria by the infamous cabal reportedly controlling the levers of power in Aso Rock because I doubt that a fully fit President Buhari will only give us a 5-minute speech after 104 days out of Nigeria.”
He added: “From the short duration of the speech which was heavily edited in order to broadcast it if you look at the 12 or so number of times the images cut into one another and the obvious frailness of the President that we all saw, in all honesty I don’t think President Buhari has recovered sufficiently enough to return to work full time.
“I hope that the cabal is not planning a proxy presidency for us whereby they keep President Buhari somewhere in Aso Rock, away from the Nigerian People, and continue to issue orders to the nation in the name of Buhari. This ‘Baba so pe’ (Baba says) governance will not work. If the President has resumed and is fully fit as they claim, I urge him to quickly take a tour of the six geo-political zones in the country in order to calm things down nationwide. No more ‘Baba so pe” governance now. President Buhari should come out and begin to rule the country directly now.
“The Grassroots Empowerment International (GEI), which I founded and lead today, will not allow a proxy president in the country. We shall mobilise our members nationwide to resist any attempt by the cabal to turn President Buhari into a recluse in Aso Rock in order to rule the country by themselves,” Engr. Olushola-Obimakinde stressed.


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