Every Lady Is A Deity: A Letter To Moha


IGP Adamu

By Martin-Hassan Eze

You are certainly not ignorant about the inferno raging in the society. It is burning like hell. And, I heard that even the deaf also talk about it. Evil is no longer a stranger in our mist. This thing from the pit of hell is here with us finally. The reign of evil seems to be endless. It beggars imagination that men and women of goodwill watch helplessly and haplessly as evil swim with swagger in towns and villages.

My knowledge of the Holy writ is not of any dogmatic worth. But I dare say that, it seems that the last days are finally with us . Vices grow fat like agric chicken. And, in a society without men of virtue and valor in scarcity, it is “to your tent oh Is real!”. Life is nasty, short and brutish; a Hobbesian jungle. Evil minded monsters with their primitive instincts have continued to deny our mothers, sisters, Cousins, Nieces and even girlfriends the rights to Eldorado.

The mindless and despicable carnage in Edo- a la Uwaila Omozuwa, the UNIBEN undergraduate left a bitter taste in my mouth. Her rape and gruesome murder by godforsaken rapists is a sober reminder that we are still in a wicked and wild world. There can be no any justification for rape under the sun. This, I, must say without water in my mouth.

The recent spectacle of jaw breaking evil visited on the girl child even by the very people who should protect her have left your brother with unimaginable trauma. Walahi! I am shocked beyond words; shocked by such beastly inhumanity.

It is a pity that the girl-child is now an endangered specie. Must a girl child be a fugitive in her own society? Is it a crime to be born a female? This insanity called rape irritates and rumbles the very foundation of my being. That a man carried by a woman for nine months, a man that came to the world through the virgina can even contemplate raping a harmless lady without betraying any atom; I mean any vestige of emotion speaks of doom- Armageddon if we don’t search for the black goat before it is dark.

The ghost of these ladies that are raped and murdered in cold blood will haunt, haunt and haunt us into the bottomless pit of hell if we don’t stand to be counted as crusaders against this raging evil steering at us with an animal courage and daring us to take a bold step.

That young ladies are raped not in the dark corners of streets but in the sanctuary is a crime crying for vengeance from the extra- mundane. The world of our sisters, cousins, nieces and even girlfriends is falling apart. Who will bear this brunt tomorrow if we all maintain sealed lips? It is tragic that after kidnapping, banditry and yahooyahoo, rape is now the “fourth largest economy”. Is there no limit to this inhumanity in this Nation? Sad, saddening!

My diction has betrayed me. My words are grossly insufficient; shallow to convey my shock, my anger and my dismay that humanity have lost her sacredness. Life is now as cheap as poultry birds in our dear country. Our Daughters, Sisters and girlfriends have become spoils of war; beast of burden undergoing harrowing unspeakable ordeals at the hand of beasts in human skin- Apologies to Fela Kuti, the late Afro beat legend and music maestro.

Walahi this evil stings my conscience. It infuriates me without end. If it were to be in the days of our ancestors, an invitation to Amadioha will not be out of place. C’ est une tache obligatoire as we say in Paris or Dakar. It will be a categorical imperative because no rapist deserves to live. Rape is a crime that merits death sentence. The thought of even hitting a lady makes my heart bleed. Not to talk of rape; violent penetration. Tufiakwa! God forbid!

The body of any woman is sacred. Every lady out there is a jewel; a totem. Nobody under the sun has the right to touch her without her lawful consent. What a lady wears; even if she chooses to go half naked should not be the business of anyone. She has all the rights over her body. Every lady is a deity that must be approached with respect and reverence.

The society have been polluted by evil. We must fight the good fight as Saint Paul advised the Gentile Nation in his epistle. There is darkness everywhere and our sisters are no longer safe. Every man born of a woman must join the jihad to allow good darkness to fall on this evil and end the ominous reign of rapists. Let the illuminating light of justice fall on rapists, let the long arms of the law stretch out in full force, let it arise like a knight in a shining armour and let there be dawn for our Mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, cousins and girlfriends.

Martin-Hassan Eze wrote in from Sapele, Delta State.

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