My Girlfriends Can’t Call My Husband, Says ‘Jenifa’

Funke Akindele

Actress, Funke ‘Jenifa’ Akindele-Bello has disclosed that her friends are not allowed to call her husband except on his birthday or when they are unable to reach her via phone.
Akindele-Bello, who is married to Abdul Rasheed Bello, a.k.a JJC Skillz, stated this on Your View, a programme broadcast on Television Continental in Lagos, which video went viral on Thursday.
Her words: “Yes, your friend can come to your house. Your husband can know your best friend; he can say hello. But why would you be calling my husband on the phone? What happened? Why do you want to call my husband?
“Except it is his birthday and you want to wish him a happy birthday, why would you call him? Okay, maybe you’ve been trying to talk to me and you can reach me; yes, you can call him. But you just call him to say hello, why?
“Why should you bring food for my husband? Are you okay? Why would you want to come and say hello to him? Why? I’m your friend and you’re not his friend. His female friends can visit our home. That’s their business. But you’re my friend, stay in your house. I’m not around. I’m in London. So you want to greet my husband? You’re not okay, I’m sorry.”

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