Obimakinde Faults Buhari On Beating Recession, Commends Grassroots Nigerians For Feat

Engr. Olayinka Olushola-Obimakinde, MSNE, ANSE, NICE

Managing Director, Sykaphia Group of Company and grassroots rights crusader, Engr. Olayinka Olushola-Obimakinde, has lauded the masses of Nigeria for their resilience and doggedness in the face of the hard economic times they have been passing through since the economy fell into recession.
In a statement made available to the media in Abuja, Olushola-Obimakinde, who is also the president/national co-ordinator, Voice of Love Grassroots Empowerment Initiative (VLGEI), insisted that “to the Nigerian People belongs the accolades of our marginal exit from recession as recently announced by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), not President Muhammadu Buhari or his All Progressive Congress (APC).”
The statement read: “Based on the cries of the common man and the pulse of the grassroots people which the VLGEI continues to gauge directly, nationwide, we must assume, and not concede, that Nigeria has indeed exited recession, albeit marginally at 0.055%. Assuming, but not conceding therefore that Nigeria has beaten the recession, the glory must go to God Almighty and the Nigerians at the grassroots who did not give up in the face of government cluelessness and inability to deliver true dividends of democracy to the grassroots.”

Engr. Olayinka Olushola-Obimakinde, MSNE, ANSE, NICE

Olushola-Obimakinde wrote “The VLGEI hails the Mai Kose, Masara, Akara sellers in the nooks and crannies of Nigeria who continued to support their husbands and families in the bad economy of the last two years. We laud the masons or bricklayers, the Maikaya or labourers, vulcanisers by the roadsides, the barbers at corner shops nationwide and allied Talakawa, grassroots and masses of Nigerians who did not give up on their fatherly duties to their children and wives in the recession but worked harder than before to fend for their dependents. To you all belongs the credit for the glimmer of hope provided by the NBS statistics.
“We call on President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling APC not to bask in any imaginary glory of beating the recession. They did not do this. God Almighty and the Nigerian people did it. The VLGEI insists that President Buhari fulfils his campaign promises to change the lives of the grassroots Nigerians for good, which we must say he has not done two years after his election.

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