To The New Ministers…

FCT Minister, Mohmmed Musa Bello

Congratulations on your recent appointments.
The task before you as Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria cannot be clear-cut enough. Our country is nowhere near the vision of our Founding Fathers palpable in the air on October 1, 1960 as the Union Jack was lowered for the last time on soil and our National Flag raised to sky-high hopes, thunderous cheers and nationwide joy.
Stemming the Dickensian level of poverty in the country today must rank topmost on your to-do list. The socio-economic conundrum in which millions of Nigerians appear trapped today cast a long pall on Nigeria. It mocks the very notion of the Independence we celebrate on October 1.
Honourable Ministers, you should feel a deep sense of embarrassment about poverty in this country, and follow this up with patriotic actions to cut it down drastically.
We commend President Buhari for setting the agenda of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty over the next 10 years. It is incumbent upon you, Honourable Ministers, to pursue this task as a national emergency, and out of a deep consideration for the dignity of the Black Race.
As the most populous Black Nation on Earth, prosperity or poverty in Nigeria has universal implications for the dignity of the Blackman. We miss this salient point if we do not view Nigeria’s current poverty rate and attendant indignities through this race prism – just as the Jews of post-Second World War era and their allies like the United States (U.S) saw their existential problem and moved to address it through renascent Zionism – however anyone might fault that ideological premise.
Honourable Ministers, Nigerians look up to you to tackle this problem of poverty head on.
Nigeria must miss the ‘road to Kigali’.

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