10th N’Assembly Leadership Contest: Party Supremacy Sacrosanct, Dekeri Tells Zoning Opponents

Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Abbas Tajudeen
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By Akombo Aondona, Abuja

Members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) aspiring to various leadership positions in the 10th National Assembly have been told to respect party supremacy on the zoning arrangements.

A pioneer and frontier member of the T.J.Abbas Speakership Project, Hon.  Anamero Dekeri stated this in a statement he issued at the weekend.

 Dekeri commended the APC on its National Assembly zoning arrangements and enjoined members-elect to elect Hon. Abbas Tajudeen from Kaduna State as Speaker of the House of Representatives, saying party supremacy is sacrosanct and members-elect should demonstrate this by aligning with the party’s decision. 

Dekeri, described the party zoning and endorsement as a game changer targeted at smooth running of the incoming administration.

He said zoning and endorsement was normal in party politics and those who did not fall within the catchment of the zoning  should take it in good fate.

Hon. Dekeri

 On if Hon. T.J. Abbas’s qualification and capacity for the House Speakership, Dekeri wrote:

“Hon. Abbas Tajudeen is eminently qualified on account of his rich legislative experience, versatility, capacity and unmatched skill in human relation; with a career spanning over four decades, during which he functioned variously as a teacher, private sector operator and finally a lawmaker. Hon. Abbass has over 10 motions, a record of 73 bills of which 21 has been assented  to by Mr. President.  Hon. Abbas Tajudeen acquired a mixed of experience which prepared him adequately for the position he now aspires to. All of these are required ingredients which anyone seeking to lead the House should possessed.

“Hon. Tajudeen, a third term lawmaker who has just been elected for  fourth term, has either been a deputy chairman or chairman of important House committees such as legislative compliance, solid minerals, land transport, including chairmanship of several ad hoc committees between 2015 and 2022. How else can one be qualified or adjudged to possess the required capacity than the above rich credentials?”  Dekeri asked hysterically.

He added: “Dr. Abbas come highly prepared and ready to provide qualitative leadership to his colleagues in the House of Representatives. Hon. Abbas Tajudeen fits perfectly into the category of quality individuals that Asiwaju would look forward to working with. The emergence of Hon. T.J. Abbas as Speaker would strengthen the performance of the House, enhance service delivery to the Nigerian people, promote transparency in the conduct of legislative duties and deliver a people-parliament that Nigerians would be proud of.”

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