13th Africa Games Scientific Congress: The Communique

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As we conclude the groundbreaking 13th Africa Games Scientific Congress hosted by the Africa Sports Management Association (ASMA), we collectively acknowledge the critical role sports play in youth development, education, social cohesion, and economic growth. This congress has brought together a diverse array of sports management professionals, athletes, policymakers, and educators to deliberate on the theme “Management of Youth Sports Development in Africa.” The following points constitute the communique of the congress:

1.  Girl Child Education and Sports Participation: The congress stresses the importance of integrating sports participation into the education of the girl child. This integration serves as a catalyst for empowerment, equality, and leadership development within and beyond the realm of sports.
2.  Investment in Sports Business for Job Creation: Recognizing the burgeoning youth population in Africa, member countries are urged to invest strategically in sports business. This sector holds significant potential for job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities, thereby contributing to the economic prosperity of the continent.
3.  Establishment of the Africa Youth Sports Development Fund: To ensure long-term sustainability and access to sports, the congress recommends the creation of the Africa Youth Sports Development Fund. This fund would facilitate the development of sports at the grassroots level and support promising youth athletes.
4.  Sports as a Vehicle for Managing Social Ills: Africa countries are encouraged to employ sports as a Special Purpose Vehicle to address and manage social challenges among the youth. Sports can be a powerful tool in promoting social cohesion, preventing delinquency, and instilling values of teamwork and fair play.
5.  Promotion of Knowledge and Digital Economy through Sports: In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the congress recognizes the potential of sports as a means to foster a knowledge and digital economy. This approach will ensure that Africa’s youth are equipped with the digital literacy and skills necessary to thrive in the global marketplace.
6.  Establishment of a Specialized Sports University in Ghana: In light of Ghana hosting the 13th Africa Games, the congress proposes the establishment of a specialized university dedicated to sports development. This institution would serve to preserve the legacy of the Africa Games through the maintenance of its facilities and would contribute to the advancement of sports science, management, and athlete development.
7.  Inclusivity in Youth Sports Participation: Emphasizing the ethos of ‘No Youth Left Behind,’ the congress calls for policies and programs that ensure inclusive participation in sports for all youth. This inclusivity extends to youth with disabilities, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and marginalized communities.
  1. Africa countries should establish Sports Diplomacy Department as a veritable Special Purpose Vehicle in Youth Development Agenda.
  2. Participants at the 13th Africa Games Scientific Congress appreciates Dr. Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah the Games LoC Chief Operating Officer for his support.
  3. All Participants equally are grateful to the Africa Sports Management Association (ASMA) for Sponsoring the Congress and urge the Association not to relent in the promotion of Professionalization of Sports Management practice in Africa
  4. The Congress agreed that any Sports Events is a Media affair. Sports Journalists and Media Organizations are entreated to increase the media space for Youth Sports Development programs

The 13th Africa Games Scientific Congress is confident that the implementation of these recommendations will significantly contribute to the upliftment of youth through sports across the continent. We urge all stakeholders to commit to these resolutions, ensuring that sports remain a cornerstone of development in Africa.
Professor Oluwaseun Omotayo
Ag. President, Africa Sports Management Association
The Chairman
13th Africa Games Scientific Congress Organizing Committee

Prof. Seun Omotayo

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