Bindow’s Government Is Biased Against Women, Says Rights Activist

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From Tom Garba, Yola
A women’s rights activist, Aishatu Nana Abubakar, on Tuesday faulted Adamawa State Governor, Jibrilla Bindow, over his appointment of 49 development areas’ administrators.
Abubakar, who spoke with The Dream Daily in Yola, recalled that the governor’s previous appointments did not also favour the women folks in Adamawa, wondering why Bindow has allegedly chosen to neglect women who voted for him en masse.
She said: “You can recall that the Governor Bindow appointed over 20 commissioners only four were women. He appointed only men as his senior advisers. Now he has appointed 49 area development administrators and only one of them is a woman.
“I don’t think this is good for his administration. It is a serious challenge to women generally in the country today. Women are being sidelined in appointments after being used during campaigns and elections to win.”
However, at the swearing-in ceremony of the new area development administrators, Governor Bindow apologized to women for being under-represented in his administration.
He regretted the fact that only a single woman, Ms Esther Pius, made the list of the 49 newly appointed administrators, assuring, however, that he will compensate the women in future political appointments.
The governor charged the appointees on selfless service to the people, saying they were selected on merit.
Meanwhile, the Adamawa State House of Assembly, has approved N21 billion supplementary budget for the year 2015.
Deputy Speaker of the House, Hon. Sunday Peter, who presided over the plenary sitting explained that the approval was granted in order to bring succour to the Adamawa people.

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