‘Buhari Won’t Appoint Minister Until APC Crisis Is Resolved’

President Buhari
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*President Wary Of ‘Embarrassing Rejection of Ministerial List’
By Osigbesan Sultan Luqman

Although presidential spokesmen and spin doctors claim that President Muhammadu Buhari is waiting for the “rot left behind by the past administration” to be cleared before naming his cabinet, The Dream Daily has learned that the crisis rocking the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) is the real reason behind the delay in forming a new federal cabinet.
According to a source within the party, “the extent of the APC crisis has been largely unreported by the media. The crisis in the party is so deep and divisive that the President knows that there is no way a ministerial list from him could pass at the Senate as the situation stands today. In fact, the President will be thoroughly embarrassed with a resounding rejection of his ministerial list if ever it manages to be considered by the Senate. His handlers know this and have wisely told him to shelve the plan for now.”
According to the source, “the long adjournment of both arms of the National Assembly till July 21 was contrived to give the APC amble time to arrest the crisis in the party and the obvious drift of the party, which even Chief Bisi Akande has acknowledged in the media. All the talk of a cabinet in August or September is tentative and totally dependent on how the crisis in this party is resolved from now until the National Assembly resums. If the crisis is not resolved by then, don’t expect ministers anytime soon
“Who has the President consulted on his ministerial list? Has that list accommodated all power blocs in the APC? Have we even resolved the crisis in the National Assembly? This is democracy and all stakeholders have to be consulted before a ministerial list is drawn up. Although it may be embarrassing for our party not to have formed a cabinet and hit the ground running despite our well known manifesto and blueprint for governance, I must say that the party cannot move forward until the crisis of confidence among us is resolved. That I hope the President will use the days ahead to do, so that we do not lose the goodwill we have among Nigerians so soon after taking power,” the source stated.

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