Cost Of Governance: Tinubu Moves Against Jamboree, Slashes Presidential Entourage, Others

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
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In apparent response to widespread uproar which trailed the size of the Nigerian delegation to the recently concluded COP 28 in Dubai, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has ordered a drastic cut in the number of officials who could accompany himself, the vice president, the first lady, ministers and other heads of federal agencies on both foreign and local official trips.

Presidential Spokesman, Ajuri Ngelale, revealed the President’s directive in Abuja on Tuesday 9 January, 2024 while briefing the media at the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock.

Accordingly, here are the numbers of officials allowed henceforth:


President: 20 people entourage

Vice President: 5 people entourage

Minister – 4 people entourage

Heads of Agencies – 2 people entourage

First Lady: 5 people entourage


President: 25 people entourage

Vice President: 15 people entourage

First lady: 10 people entourage

According to some estimates, the President may have slashed the entourage numbers by as much as 60%.

If well implemented, the move is expected to save billions of naira and millions of dollars paid out as estacodes on numerous official trips by the Executive arm of government.

It is expected that other arms of government and indeed governor’s would take their cue from the presidency and also implement a similar measure to reduce the cost of governance.

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