These Devilish Pastors Will Lead You To Hell…

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By Benedict Ahanonu
One may wonder what this is all about. Do not worry, it may not be your church pastor, in fact, he may be among the few good ones. Indeed, the good ones are few and can be counted. These ones preach the true sermon and will never dilute the truth because of money. They are very patient and are neither rich nor flamboyant. They are meek and gentle. You can hardly hear their voice and they don’t invoke the “Holy Ghost Fire” to go and wipe out the families of your enemy and their future generations.

The good pastors are ready and willing to go for God and serve any where, ready to sacrifice their lives for God’s cause. But where are they? They are not greedy and are always contented with what they have.

The good pastors will never task you for anything except on what will promote the kingdom of God.

Like good shepherds, they know the flock and the flock, know their voice. They are the salt of the earth and shining models of how a Christian should live and behave.

The good pastors do not serve two masters and truly detest the ruling immorality of this world. They do not have female personal assistants – for what? And they move around with their wives like ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and his Dame, once upon a time.

The good pastor will not ask you to sow a forced seed of false expectation or make you begin to have dreams of building castles in the air. He will not ask you to give your car as offering for your visa to America or cajole you into committing sin albeit indirectly but all for the sake of giving good tithe and offering.

I know of a young lady some time ago, who told me that she sowed a seed faith or seed of faith (any one you like), with N40, 000 in one of the new false dawn churches. However, the interesting thing is that this lady’s salary is not up to N20, 000 so how did she get the money?

A woman in search of the fruit of the womb once told me how she has been asked to continue sowing seed for a yet-to-be conceived baby. She said she has sown enough and tired of the whole thing. She suspected foul play and stopped attending the popular ministry in Owerri … Imo State… Hmm! Shine your eyes well, well, before these ‘demonic and cursed’ pastors lead you to hell.

The good pastor is a family man that loves his wife and children. He cannot divorce his wife and does not engage in adultery.

Good pastors do not organize “419” programmes every now and then with various loud captions and themes on their billboards and banners, advertising miracles, charity, free medicals, free feeding, clothing for widows and the needy but for a registration fee of N1000.
How will the widows and needy cough up such amount of money? When they do that, is it still charity? Is it still free humanitarian programme? But Jesus fed thousands without asking for anything? Jesus healed without asking for tithe and offering.

The good pastor is not selfish and loves to share what he has (except his wife) with people in need that come his way. He loves to give than to receive. He is neither presumptuous nor ambitious. He thinks about the flock and not his pocket. The good pastors are not earthbound; they build up treasures in heaven where no moth or rot doth exist. They think rapture and dream eternal glory.
They are as scarce as good virgin brides and will never break a vow. The good pastor nurtures diligently and thinks about that lost soul.

They will never compromise with Satan. They hate what the world loves.

They will never lead you astray but those other ones on the broad way will. Those other ones are like painted sepulchre. They are like the biblical Pharisees. They love to be heard and seen. They are too cosmetic and shallow. Their righteousness is only skin deep and not effective. Their so-called faith is without works. They claim to perform signs and wonders, alas! Satan does same to deceive. They pervert the engrafted Word and speak for gain. They will tell you it is well while their heart is not well. Their word of blessing is like a curse because no one can give what he/she does not have.

Those other ones, I mean those Babylonian pastors and cousins of Balaam, they are already close to you. Be careful before they lead you to hell. They are like the blind guides that Jesus mentioned in the Bible. Look around, you will know them by their fruits of pretence…

Pastor caught with human meat and fetish items
What will somebody who calls himself a man of God be doing with human meat and fetish items? Such a question, one Pastor Adeniyi Johnson of the Living Faith Church a.k.a. Winners Chapel will better answer as he was caught with human meat and some fetish items. Upon interrogation, he said he got a divine instruction to go and share the meat to save his dying son. So pastor can’t pray? Who instructed him to share human meat? I know it is not God. Where and how did he get it?
Pastor caught with married woman
This is a common occurrence amongst these pastors of perdition but one Prophet Obi of Anchor of Restoration Church located at Owufuju Street, Asaba, the Delta State capital, wasn’t so lucky as he was caught red-handed with a married woman. The people made sure they exposed him to the world as he was stripped to his pants and made to hold his church banner while being paraded around. What a shame!
Prophet buries cow heads, tortoise in church
34-yer-old prophet Moses Abiodun of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Agbala Dagunduro in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State was accused of being fetish in his ministerial activities. When operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) swooped on him, they discovered that the so-called man of God buried heads of a cow, tortoise, cowries, divination board and other fetish items under the altar and all the entrances to his church. Can you see how the prophecies utterances of divination condemned by God come? Fake!
Pastor defiles 7-year-old girl
When ordinary people do it, one could say it is as a result of the influence of Satan but how can this be explained when such wickedness is perpetrated by a purported man of God? One Pastor Isaiah Ojo, the founder and general oversinner or overseer of Day Spring Family Chapel, Egbeda Area, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital reportedly cornered the 7-year-old daughter of his friend and fellow pastor. He took her to the altar and had carnal knowledge of her. Upon interrogation, he said his intention was to touch her and not damage her, adding that he did not penetrate her because her vagina was tight…nonsense!
Pastor turns teenage girls to sex objects
It was a shock to learn that the “General Overseer” of Tongue of Fire Ministry, Shogunle, Lagos, Pastor Chukwuma Nkwocha, had been sleeping with some teenage girls in exchange for money to pay their school fees. He was said to have been camping and defiling the girls numbering 30 and between the ages of 10 – 15 in the church compound. His evil deeds became known when one of the girls who had a misunderstanding with him reported the matter to the police.
Pastor defiles male children
An Anglican pastor named, Paul Morah was accused of defiling 24 male children in Ebonyi State. According to the report, he used diabolical handkerchief to lure some of the children, especially those who tried to resist him.
The foregoing is just a tip of the iceberg as there are other numerous cases of atrocities committed by these agents of the devil parading as pastors and prophets.

Hmm! These manifest devilish pastors are so selfish and heartless. They are all over the place and on a mission, so be careful before they lead you to hell.

Benedict Ahanonu, a public affairs analyst, can be contacted via: 08033944198

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