Ex-Worker Drags Union Bank To Court Over Property Seizure

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From Ankeli Emmanuel, Sokoto

Justice Mohammed Mohammed of the Sokoto State High Court, Monday adjourned to the 28th of March for the continuation of defence in the case between a security personnel, Mr Eche Acheme, against Union Bank and Gaskiya Security outfit. 

Mr. Acheme a security personnel with Gaskiya Security attached to Union Bank, Sokoto main branch had sued the bank for unlawful seizure of his properties since 27th of August, 2018 hence demanding a damage of N25 million. 

Others joined in the suit are Mr Oluwatoyin Ogedengbe, the Union Bank branch manager and Gaskiya Security Outfit as 2nd and 3rd defendants respectively

Counsel to the plaintiff, Barrister Solomon Kings, had earlier presented 4 witnesses including the Mobile Police Officer on duty the day the day the incident allegedly occured in support of his case. 

All the 4 witnesses had already testified before the court with the Mobile Police Officer on duty narrating how the incident occurred.

According to the police officer serving with the Sokoto State Police Command, Sergeant Nasiru Aminu Abdullahi, he was instructed by the branch Mnager, Mr Oluwatoyin Ogedengbe 

 not to allow the said security personnel, Eche Acheme, take anything including his belongings from the premises of the bank on the fateful day. 

Testifying further, Sgt Abdullahi told the court that Ogedengbe said the security personnel, Eche Acheme stole 4 litres of diesel from the branch hence must not be allowed to leave the premises with anything. 

Appearing in court on the day was one of the witnesses called by Gaskiya Security Outift who told tbe court that the said seized properties (a Gulf Car and a motorcycle) of the Plantiff was still within the premises of the bank. 

He however said as a security personnel that also work at the branch as at when the incident happened in 2018 he was sent by the bank to ask Mr Eche Acheme to come and pack his belongings from the bank premises. 

Continuing, the defence witness further told the court that he cannot read his statement on oath when asked to read paragraph 7 of it by the plantiff counsel. 

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