For The Record: Our Efforts On Molusians Are Not In Vain, Says Ex-Principal Mrs. U.M. Balogun

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Being An Acceptance Speech By Former Principal, Molusi College, Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, Mrs Umo M. Balogun During The 67th Founders Day Celebration Saturday 30th January, 2016

The Chairman.

Guests of Honour.

Great Molusians old and young.

Ijebu Igbo elders present.

Organisers of this dinner – MOCOSA 90’s Alumni.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is a thing of immense joy to me to sit here in my current location, thousands of miles away from Ijebu Igbo, my home, from where I am unavoidably absent, and yet receive an invitation from the members of the MOCOSA 90’s Alumni, asking me to be present at this dinner.

To God be the praise and glory for it is the Lord’s doing.

When I saw that notice and I learnt about all the things that this group has been doing for Molusi College, I was moved to tears – tears of joy – as an incident flashed back to my mind. And this is it:

Many of the younger generation of you Molusians who attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the school in January 1999 and who were on the field on that day will remember how you grumbled and came to me to complain that the organizers of the event did not accord me the honour due to me as the immediate past Principal and that you were going to protest there and then. I took a look at those of you who were complaining and I realized that those of you who were expressing displeasure at what was going on were those who had left school between 5 – 20 years before.

Now, those of you who were near and heard me will remember what I said to you. I told you that you did not need to protest; that what I wanted you to do was to move forward, excel in your fields of endeavour, then come back to the school with what you have to offer for its development and invite me in your own capacity as the organizers to celebrate with you. You then asked me to have a photograph with you and I did.

See, what I said to you that day, 17 years ago, is what you have now done (my reason for the tears of joy I mentioned at the beginning of this speech). I am extremely happy and proud of all of you. It is obvious that the efforts of the school towards your progress in life were not in vain.

Also, you have followed the good footsteps of your predecessors – those old students who came around to help me and the school in many and different ways. You all know that their assistance and contributions helped in no small way to create the enabling environment that made you enjoy your stay in Molusi College and which made it a place worth remembering.

I hail the love shown by those old students then and I thank you all now for what you are also doing to keep the flag flying.

Every life has its ups and downs and Molusi College is no exception. Molusi College will always SURVIVE.

Remember the song we used to sing in those days:
Molusi is rising, rising, rising
Molusi is rising, rising, rising
To fall never

I thank you all very much for your activities in the school and for this award which I happily accept because it tells me that you are happy and are doing well. I dedicate it to my family, all those friends and parents who gave me their co-operation, and of course my able and dedicated staff – both teaching and non-teaching – for their sincere support and commitment to the issues of raising you, which made my job a success story.

May God bless you, everyone.

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for listening.

Mrs. Umo M. Balogun
Principal, Molusi College, Ijebu Igbo, 1983-1995

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