KASU, Bingham, South African Varsities Record Breakthrough In Continental Research Collaboration

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A group of Nigerian scientists from Kaduna State University, Kaduna Nigeria, Bingham University, Karu, Nasarawa State, Nigeria and Vaal University of Technology, South Africa have collaborated in a research breakthrough to discover the use of mosquito repellant fabric encapsulated with plant bioactive ingredients for the prevention of mosquito bite.

 The research was carried out using TETFUND/NRF grant was won by Kaduna State University, Kaduna and Bingham University, Karu for collaborative research on malaria.

The research team is led by Professor Zakari Ladan in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Kaduna State University.

 Other co-researchers on the project are Prof. Bamidele Joseph Okoli, Department of Natural Science, Bingham University, Karu; Dr. Uju Dorathy Ejike, Department of Biochemistry, Bingham University, Karu; Ogechukwu Anunobi, Department of Biochemistry, Bingham University, Karu; Hosea Yayock from Department of Biological Sciences, Kaduna State University, Kaduna; and Professor Mtunzi Fanyana of Vaal University of Technology, South Africa.

 According to a statement obtained by The Dream Daily Newspaper in Kaduna, “the research focused on producing a mosquito-repellent fabric embedded with nanoparticles encapsulated with the active constituents of Vitex negundo bioactive compounds.

 “Rather than the continuous use of chemical insecticides or mosquito-treated nets with synthetic chemicals, the mosquito-repellent fabrics developed from this research is in the form of sleeping nightgowns with other bio-products such as bio-insecticide sprays and repellence creams formulated with the plant’s bioactive constituent for the control of mosquito bites.”

 The statement added: “The project has achieved its objectives with the following outcomes: Production of fabrics embedded with nanoparticles encapsulated with V. negundo bioactive compounds for the control of mosquitoes; published articles in high-impact factor journals and two conference proceedings; patented a novel essential oil pilot plant that can isolate aromatic bioactive constituents from plants useful in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and flavour industries; organized NRF/ Tetfund workshop at Bingham University, Karu on the 22nd of June 2022 on the topic: “Malaria prevention and control measures using some plant bioactive constituents found in North central Geo-political zone of Nigeria; formulated five different products using the isolated bioactive constituents of Vitex negundo plant to include the following: Mosquito repellent cream, Pure Eucalyptol oil, aerosol sprays, mosquito repellent spray fitted with fan etc; and development of gloss and water-based mosquito repellent paint.”

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