Kolobiri Students Honour Stella Ugolo

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From Philip Eke, Yenagoa

The Kolobiri Students Union made up of under-graduates from various institutions of higher learning who are indigenes of toru-Orua and Bolou-Orua Communities have honoured the Director General of Education Inspection and Policy Services, Mr. Stella
Peremoboere Ugolo, with two merit awards on account of her continuous assistance to students both financially and good guidance.
The students were touched by her goodwill in always advising and supporting students; financing union programmes and activities and in particular the award of scholarship
to six indigenes.
The students attested that Ugolo has taken a front role and this rare gesture informed their corporate decision to present her with the awards of “the most students supporting indigene” and “the matron of Kolobiri Students” simultaneously

President of the union, Comrade Resident E. Godspower, said Kolobiri students were aware and proud that the sterling qualities of their “prestigious mother of substance” in all ramifications are products of hard work, zeal, tact, discipline and Godly wisdom which
she had always counselled them to imbibe, and which virtues they were willingly prepared to copy.
He added that, as Kolobiri people they were not surprised of the enviable status Dr. Peremoboere Ugolo has attain in life because she has always being known to be filled with a
robust mind of philanthropy, goodliness and motherly guidance to all people to which they are direct beneficiaries.

In response, Dr. Ugolo wholeheartedly thanked the students for the “thoughtful and kind honour” bestowed on her even though she never expected them to do so. She stressed that this was the first time she was accepting awards from the public, based on the fact that they clearly pointed to services she was “passionate about and committed to,” unlike some others she had turned down because they were for fund-raising.

Ugolo said she was committed more than ever to serve the state’s education industry to promote quality education, this being her main conviction for accepting the appointment that led her to obtain a leave of absence from the University of Benin where she is a
respected lecturer

Ugolo admonished the students to shun evil, negative, and unproductive vices and embrace hard work and diligence to excel in their various studies to become successful, responsible and competent leaders.
She stressed that “it is the attainment of purposeful education that has enable several serious minded and committed Kolobiri sons and daughters to achieve meaningful success and prominences, one of which is Hon. Seriake Dickson, the amiable restoration-minded; hard-working and performing governor of Bayelsa State.”

Presents at the awards ceremony were Kolobiri Students Union Leaders including Godswill Oyins, Emmanuel Denis, Igoki Samuel, Moroyei Victoria and Wilson Clement. Also presents were members of the directorate including Mr. Jim-Bob Iniemienyo Mr. Ayunku Edward and

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