Life Is Now Meaningless To Me, Says Woman Who Saw Her Husband Slaughtered By Boko Haram

Boko Haram Leader, Shekau
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Boko Haram Leader, Shekau
Boko Haram Leader, Shekau

From Tom Garba, Yola
“I can’t forget that fateful Thursday evening in Gambarun Gala, my village in Bama Local Government Area of Borno state, Nigeria. I was sitting down, me and six of my children preparing to set for the market to sell fish caught by my husband. All of a sudden I heard people crying and quelling with a very serious undesired sound. Before I realise what was happening, I saw many armed men bashing into our house, speaking my own language, Kanuri, and forcing us out. In the process my husband asked why? That was when they beat him, tied him up and slaughtered him like a ram. My husband struggled to die, shouting my name helplessly (she burst into tears). That was the beginning of my trouble and my hell experience on earth. I thought the world has ended, until I found myself in this place called Yola, after spending months Cameroon as we escaped from the hands of our abductors”.
That was the story of Rakiya Bana, a returnee woman from the Republic of Cameroon. She spoke with The Dream Daily in the Fofure IDP camp when the Secretary General of the Human Rights Commission, Prof. Bem Angwe, visited there as well as Malkohi camp where thousands of IDPs are currently being held.
Majority of the camps’ interns are from Borno and most of them are women and children.
Angwe assured the IDPs of the government’s resolve to return them to their homes in their areas of origins.
Rakiya, unlike many other women who found peace as the finally returned home (Nigeria) but was spotted crying, looking so worried in one of the tents in Fofure Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camp in Yola. On getting closer to her she cried the more and began to narrate her ordeal through an interpreter.
According to her, “life became meaningless and useless the day I saw how my husband’s blood was gushing out like a chicken or ram. I will never forgive whoever brought this Boko Haram to our village. Now I understand that my Muslim brothers (Boko Haram) are my enemies. If only they know what they subjected us to,” as she burst into more tears.
Rakiya said: “My life in Cameroon was a life of disgrace, all the people of that area are not human beings. They had no sense of humour and were wicked to us. They enslaved us. Any crime was attributed to us refugees. They arrested us without reason. As I’m talking to you my first son was arrested simply because he is a Nigerian. They have jailed my son, a refugee, because he did not have travelling documents. Please how can we have travelling documents in this kind of situation? In fact we don’t even know what they are talking about. “Please help me let them release my son is not a Boko Haram”. As she cried the more.
“Let’s me be frank with you, my experience in Cameroon has made me developed a thick heart. I cannot forgive any person from Cameroon. You need to see how these people humiliated us.”
Rakiya claimed that many young Nigerian girls who fled to Cameroon were raped, praying that none of them did not contract any sexually transmitted infection (STIs).

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