Lootocracy: Amadioha Come And Loot The Looters

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President Buhari
President Buhari

By Martin-Hassan Eze
‘It was without vision, it was without intelligence, it was without competence, and it was without integrity. People were not going into government to transform the Nigerian economy or the benefit of ordinary Nigerian. They were in government for one purpose only: to control power and to use that power to steal. They take the money outside Nigeria and put it into banks and institutions. This is totally opposed to every other nation in the history of the world. In a normal nation, corrupt, powerful, brutal leaders go out and plunder other countries and bring it back into their own country. – Dr Patrick Wilmot.

Well, I am not Fr Mbaka so nobody is going to transfer me from my palatial mansion in GRA to a face-me-I-face-you’ one room apartment in Kurmirikiki, neither for pastoral reasons nor as a punitive measure for predicting doom for the Ibo loved-PDP and greener days for APC. My Parish Priest may choose to deny me Holy Communion on Sunday but before I am crucified by those who are more Catholic than the Pope, I hasten to make public the fact that we are not in Idi Amin’s Uganda where freedom of expression is free but freedom after expression is not guaranteed. So, I go talk am as e bi for my mind.
I am sure you know how I feel about my beloved country. What I feel about the fact that some crop of kleptomaniac brigade that has presided over the affairs of Nigeria have refused to ‘serve our father land with love and strength and faith’. And, the consequence is that Nigeria is in a sorry state as the labours of our heroes past have been thrown to the wolves. What have I not done as a country- man and Nigeria is still in distress? Only God knows how many times I knelt at the Saint William’s Cathedral Lafia, Nasarawa state with other parishioners praying for a Nigeria in distress under the tyrannical leadership of the goggle wearing General who was dispatched to the great beyond by Indian apple to the relief of Nigerians. Ask Professor Wole Soyinka what Nigeria looked like in those dark days .No bi joke! I am talking about some two decades ago yet Nigeria is still galloping in the dark. Regrettably, she has moved from a country in distress to a nation in total disaster even after 16 years of civilian rule.
If you are a Catholic like me, I need not tell you how many decades we have been praying against ‘bribery and corruption’. Yes, I know that prayer can dry up rivers Benue and Niger before one can say Pope Francis. For Fr. Ejike Mbaka the formula is PUSH- pray until something happens. And, so, I ask: when will it happen? Not even Buhari who claims to avoid corruption like leprosy could stop them from tempering with the 2016 national budget by smuggling in their ‘stomach infrastructure’. Could it be that late Chinua Achebe was a prophet when he pointed out that to stop an average Nigerian from corruption is like trying to stop goat from eating yam? Our churches,
mosques, pastors and Imams have increased astronomically yet it is backward always and forward never in all strata of our national life.
A child born when we started praying is now a grandfather and yet the stories have not changed. Should we continue to pray while these heartless leaders and their collaborators prey on the commonwealth? Do we really think that by praying God will descend from heaven and do for us what we can do by ourselves?
Is God really aware of the looting going on in this country? Should we continue to wait till ‘thy kingdom come’ before the shameless minions that parade themselves as leaders roast like ‘suya nama’ in the pit of hell for sabotaging the interest of Nigeria politically, economically and socially?
Karma where are you? Are you waiting like Umaru Dikko for Nigerians to begin to eat from the dustbin before you realize that poverty is the middle name of most Nigerians? Must we all have kwashiorkor like the Biafran children during the civil war before you look into our plights?
I may be patient enough and continue to believe that e go better one day but many country-men are running out of patience and have extended invitation to Amadioha to come and address the ugly situation. I can see you make the sign of the cross. Are you saying Tufiakwa? Don’t be surprised, you heard me well. You ears are not deceiving you. Yes I am talking about Amadioha the god that visit looters with fire and thunder.
When will we stop living in the fool’s paradise? Do we really think that ICPC and EFCC will ever stop our kleptomaniac political class who has taken the vow of Lawrence Anini from eating yam? For now, many are beginning to think that the only thing that can stop the political elite from looting the commonwealth is Amadioha. They think Amadioha is the last option because our leaders are made with the heart of stone. Unlike the biblical Zacchaeus who repented the moment he encountered Jesus and toed the path of modesty, decency and restitution, the wolves in Abuja and the 36 government houses are hell bent in making sure that that there is no food, no portable water, no
road, no industries, no low cost housing, no functional hospital, no salary at the end of the month and worst of all, no security of lives and properties.
How can a merciful God be the fulcrum of inspiration for political vagabonds, rogues and loafers who suffer from acute decayed ethical syndrome many ask?
Taken from the backdrop of contemporary economic, political and social circumstances of Nigeria today, occasioned by our leaders, why should I stop someone from inviting Amadioha to come and see things for himself? Why and how can I disagree with the suffering masses who are proposing we try another route?
Come to think of it. Our political leaders majority of whom are crooks take oath with the Holy Quran and the Sacred Bible yet the money meant for the welfare of Nigerians disappear like ghost or develop wing and fly into foreign account while citizens wallow in abject poverty and penury. Imagine how heartless our leaders can be?
We are all Nigerians and we know ourselves. We are foolish; I mean ‘foolishly foolish’ because we don’t fear God not to talk of EFCC and ICPC or even the so called Buhari. Here, who can disagree with me that the fear of Amadioha is the beginning of wisdom for Nigerians irrespective of their religious affiliations or persuasions? How many of us can dare a Dibia, Babalawo or Boka?
Pundits are of the opinion that Nigeria needs Amadioha; the God that turned Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt for turning back and looking at the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, the God that taught heartless pharaoh of Egypt and his tyrannical army a terrifying lesson, A God that turned King Nebu into a wild beast to reposition things in Nigeria because our help can only come from God who made heaven and earth..
What do you think? All these ineffectual buffoons parading themselves as leaders should be given the Nebu treatment by Amadioha. The late sage Fela Kuti said it all-‘these leaders are animals in human skin’. All the buffoons in the executive, the legislature and the judiciary that have ever taken actions against the interest of Nigeria since 1999 should be visited by Amadioha- the God of Justice.
All of them involved in DasukiGate, any of them that have soiled his or her hand in any dirty deals in or with NNPC, all of them that misappropriated the pension fund for personal gains, those that looted the SURE-P fund, any buffoon that have ever diverted fund meant for developmental projects in Nigeria, loot them and their families Amadioha because those that sow wind reap the whirlwinds. May you transform them into wild beast and send them to Sambissa forest for that is where they rightly belong. No sane person will do to his nation what these kleptocrats have done to Nigeria. And this is the prayer of Nigerians in distress.
I am not a fan of Amadioha and have no business with him but I will dance SHOKKY if the God of Nemesis remembers the looting monsters in Nigeria. God of the Old Testament, come to the help of helpless and hapless Nigerians whom you blessed with enormous human and natural resources but have continued to wallow in mind-boggling poverty because the Buffoons that preside over the affairs of the nation have transformed Nigeria into their fiefdom and themselves into tin gods.
We know that you are slow to anger and rich in mercy. But consider your over 160 millions Nigerians in pain and agony for no fault of theirs oh God of nemesis.
If these crooks turn away from their crooked ways and return to you by returning all their loots to the national purse, Oh God that forgave the city and people of Nineveh show them your mercy and bless them. If they choose the path of Julius Nyerere, give them the blessings of Abraham but if not, show them your power by turning them into what they actually are: zombie. We can’t wait longer for a new Nigeria where looters will roast in the pit of hell.
Need I say more?

Martin-Hassan Eze can be reached via telephone number 08165148181

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