My Son Is A Blessing From God – Mother Of Baby Without Limbs

Blessing Samson and her son
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From Joy Abel, Bauchi

The greatest expectation of any pregnant woman is to successfully go through the nine months period of pregnancy and deliver a normal, healthy baby. But this was not the case for 20-year-old Blessing Samson, an indigene of Lussa in Bogoro Local Government Area.
Blessing, on July 4, 2015, gave birth to a baby boy christened Chongfilawos, who had no limbs with only three fingers jutting out from a shortened arm. Even though the young mother was initially puzzled over the deformity in her child’s body, she has comes to terms with the reality that the situation cannot be changed.
When The Dream Daily visited the family in Gudun Sayawa, Blessing was staying with her parents, Mr and Mrs Samson, where she is currently nursing her baby. It is not clear whether Blessing was legally married or not, since the family declined to disclose this information. Blessing’s mother, Mrs Diana Samson, said that her daughter could not be taken to the Primary Health Care Centre at Dumi, about three kilometres from Gudun Sayawa, because she experienced labour late in the night.
Mrs Samson said: “Chongfilawos is a blessing from God. I called him a blessing because his birth was easy. When I saw him like this, at first I was not happy but later I prayed and told myself it is the will of God. I love him and I will protect him with everything I have.
“My daughter Blessing was going for antenatal from the house. Her labour started late in the night and we had to call a birth attendant to deliver her . At first we were shocked when we saw the child without hands. But as Christians we believe God has purpose for everything so we started thanking God.
“This is the first time we are seeing this kind of baby in our community. We need the support and love of everyone to help this child lead a normal life
“We also appealing to NGOs or the government to help with the education of this child because the father is just a poor farmer and from what we have seen this child needs special support.”
Mrs Samson also urged individuals in the community not to discriminate against the child, but show him love and support him to achieve his dreams.

Blessing Samson and her son
Blessing Samson and her son

The mother of the baby also told The Dream Daily her experience after she discovered that she discovered that her baby had no limbs.
She said: “ When I saw him like this, at first I was not happy but later I prayed and told myself it is the will of God. I love him and I will protect him with everything I have,”
“I love my son Chongfilawos because he is a blessing from God despite the fact that he has a deformity in his body. His birth was easy as I did not experience any complications.
“The father of my child, Jehu Luka, a peasant farmer, lives in Lussa Village, but he was away when my baby was born. When he learnt that I had put to bed, he came to check his child and left.”
A neighbour, Jude Frank, who said he hailed from Anambra State, said he expected to meet Blessing crying for delivering a baby without limbs but was praising God.
“I thank God that they have accepted the child as a creation of God. People have been coming to support the child with cloths. We can assist with clothes and food but I think the family will need assistance of government to bring this child up,” Jude said.
Reacting to the situation, the Medical Director of Pahlycon Hospital, Hassan Garba Mohammed, said that a congenital abnormality was responsible for a baby born without limbs. He added that it could also be as a result of genetics inherent in the family.
Mohammed said: “Apart from the medical condition of congenital abnormality and genetics responsible for a birth of a baby with no limbs, there could be factors such as when the man does not produce good sperm cells that makes the baby not to form normally in the womb.
“Also, the mother could be taking drugs that could prevent normal formation of the baby, resulting to an abnormal growth of the limbs”.

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