Niger Nabs Eight Under-Aged Girls For Drugs, Immorality

Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello
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From Saka Bolaji, Minna

The Niger State Child Right Agency has apprehended 8 young girls of between the ages of 14 – 17 years old in a single room who are into drugs and other immorality with one of them carrying a four-month-old pregnancy.
The girls who were all primary and secondary school dropouts were arrested at Anguwan Keje in Chanchaga local government of the state.
It was stated that their public immoralities and disturbances in the areas led to their report to the agency.
Director General of the agency, Barrister Mairam Haruna Kolo, who blamed their parents for the misbehaviour of the children however urged every parent to pay attention to their wards to avoid making friends with the wrong ones.
They were suspected to be into drugs, prostitution and lesbianism and efforts by the community people to stop them failed.
Kolo further said that their parents have been informed about the arrest and assured that they would be counselled so as to put them on the right track and send them back to school for some of them interested or skills acquisition scheme for self-reliance.
Some of the girls showed remorse and regret for their actions after admitting to have boyfriends although Barrister Kolo emphasized that they would be taken to the hospital to know their health status and treatments if found with any ailment.
She added that the pregnant girl, who is 17, admitted to notice strange feelings and went for a check-up when it was 2 months. Kolo said she would be counselled on preparation for antenatal care as she presently had shortage of blood. She assured that the girl would be taken care of her and the man involved would be traced to take responsibility for the pregnancy.
Special Adviser to the Governor on Girl Child Education and Gender Affairs Hajiya Amina Waziri said that the girls needed counselling, enrolment back to school or training on skills acquisition.
Waziri explained that they were misguided by peer group while the pregnant girl among them has a sensible case but would be prepared for birth.

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