Nyako’s Supporters Ask Adamawa Lawmakers To Impeach Bindow

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From Tom Garba, Yola
A political association in Adamawa, the Nyako Supporters Group (NSG), has called for the impeachment of the state Governor, Jibrilla Bindow, over alleged violation of campaign funds rule in the 2015 General Election.
The group hinged its call on a recent public admission by Bindow that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar supported his gubernatorial ambition with a donation of N500 million.
According to the leader of the NSG, Alhaji Aminu Adamu Namtari, “Bindow has openly admitted that Atiku Abubakar gave him N500 million through one called Jauro Turaki to fund his 2015 gubernatorial campaign. This act violated Section 91(3) 9 of the electoral Act 2010 as amended. Under Section 91 (3) the maximum election expenses to be incurred by a governorship candidate shall not exceed N200 million.
“We look at it as a breach of the said section of the law and therefore call on the Adamawa House of Assembly to commence impeachment proceeding against Governor Mohammed Umar Jibrilla Bindow.
“Sub-Section 9 of the same electoral Act states that no individual or other entity shall donate more than N1 million to any candidate. Governor Bindow has flouted the INEC regulation on funding of a governorship campaign in the 2015 general election.
“A candidate who knowingly act in contravention of this section commits an offence and on conviction shall be liable, in the case of a governorship election to a fine of N800,000 or imprisonment for nine months or both.’’

Namtari, who is from Mayo Belwa and spoke with reporters in Yola, regretted that the governor could be ignorant of the law, insisting that a state like Adamawa cannot afford to have an ignoramus as governor.
The group added: “Jibrilla is an ingrate who has no conscience and shame; he has indeed bitten the finger that fed him well to become the present governor of the state. It is not a secret that the governor rode on the structure of former Governor MurtalaNyako to become governor.
“We found it disgusting that N500 million has made him to transfer his loyalty to Atiku, I feel embarrassed that N500 million is Bindow’s Problem. If his problem is such money, the NSG can give him more than that. Our concern is not whether Bindow’s loyalty is to Atiku or whosoever, but for him to stop embarrassing the state.!
Commenting on Bindow’s claim that Nyako and his son were in London, England during the elections, hence did not support him, Namtari said: “This is not true. Governor Nyako’s circumstance of staying in London is generally known. It was because his life was under threat after his impeachment. AbdulAzeez Nyako who they claimed was in London all through is now a serving senator, was he voted for by proxy?
“It still beats my imagination that the same Atiku who is today his (Bindow’s) political lord had sponsored Alhaji Mijinyawa (Yayaji), his political godson, for the same governorship position and if not for Nyako’s structure how could Bindow have won the primaries? He forgot when Atiku frustrated him by refusing to fund his campaign and Nyako supporters still stood by him until his victory.
“Let us not make politics look like prostitution; yesterday you told the whole world that Nyako made you governor. It is not up to six months now Atiku has made you governor, maybe after another six months, you will transfer loyalty to Osinbajo.”
It will be recalled that Bindow said he transfered his loyalty to the former vice president is due to Atiku’s donation of N500 million to his campaign, claiming that Nyako did not donate any money to his campaign, and that Nyako and his son left Nigeria for London during the electioneering period.
It is also on record that several times earlier in the 2015 campaigns, Bindow public announced that Nyako was his political godfather who facilitated his becoming a senator and was still championing his gubernatorial ambition.

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