Plateau Assembly Crisis: APC Asks Security Agencies To Call Sacked PDP Members To Order

Governor Mutfwang of Plateau State
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By Akombo Aondona, Abuja
The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on Monday 22 January 2024 called on the security agencies to halt alleged plans to disrupt today’s House of Assembly sitting by the sacked 16 PDP members.
In a statement in Jos, the APC State Publicity Secretary, Hon. Sylvanus Namang, stated that the rules of law should be allowed to prevail in the Assembly, stressing that anything to the contrary should be visited with appropriate sanctions.

Namang wrote: “It has come to the notice of the Plateau State Chapter of the APC, a plan by the 16 members of the PDP sacked by the Court of Appeal last year to invade the House which resumes sitting tomorrow after nearly two months recess as sitting members of the Plateau State House of Assembly.

“According to information reaching us, the members sat at an undisclosed location and addressed the press on their invidious and diabolical plan.
“According to information at our disposal, the sacked members would be accompanied by members of their various constituencies to cause  confusion  of an unimaginable proportion.
“The press conference which was laced with threats, warned the APC Members of the House not to go near the House of Assembly because the “Supreme Court had invalidated the judgment of the Court of Appeal which sacked them”.
“Their spokesman,  Maren Ishaku, the sacked member for Bokkos State Constituency who was flanked by 15 other sacked members “advised the Governor not to interfere because they are going to resist all pressure”!
“What  began last week as a veiled threat by a former Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon Istifanus Caleb Mwansat during his infamous interview with AIT is fast  becoming a reality. 

“The APC and all peace- loving citizens of Plateau State had expected that he ought not be walking the streets as  a free citizen following his  inflammatory outbursts.
“The APC wishes to state in no uncertain terms that the plans and threats by the sacked members contemplating any resumption of sitting as members is not only an assault on our democracy but an insurrection against the state, being an unabashed contempt of court.
“The APC accepted for the sake of democracy and peaceful coexistence, the judgment of the Supreme Court in good fate and appealed to our members  not to embark on anything to the contrary which they obeyed.
“For the avoidance of doubt, the Supreme Court judgment which awarded victory to the Governor is personal to him and has no multiplier or spill-over effect on anyone already sacked. This is moreover that there was no case pertaining the National and State Assembly Elections before the Supreme Court. The orbiter dictum as made by Justice Okoro concerning the fate of the sacked lawmakers cannot be said to be having any force of law 
“The Appeal Court judgment which sacked the 16 PDP State House of Assembly members and all its National Assembly members has a stamp of finality which cannot be upturned by any Court in the land in line with Section 246 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).
“Just as we have accepted, as true democrats, the decision of the Supreme Court, the PDP has no option than to accept the fate that has befallen them and wait for the next election circle.
“We call on all arms of  security agencies in the state to up the ante to handle any illegal acts as the Plateau State House of Assembly resumes sitting tomorrow 23rd January, 2023.
“The rule of law should be allowed to take its course and anything to the contrary should be visited with the most appropriate sanctions.
“Plateau State which is standing on a very delicate security tripod following so many  upheavals which have consumed thousands unsuspecting lives cannot afford this very avoidable threat and legislative onslaught.
“It is not an act of cowardice on our part to stoop low, but we see the interest of our dear state as paramount.”

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