Poem of the Day: QUESTION MARK

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Aren’t we endowed as a Nation?
And great as a people?
Individually aren’t we so brilliant?
Why then in this morass?

Aren’t we the most populated in the Continent?
And so rich in wealth?
Isn’t the remuneration of our rulers the highest among ‘em peers?
Our Cops and soldiers aren’t they brave?
Winning us medals and trophies abroad?
Why then in this morass?

Aren’t we the most religious?
Paying much tithes and offering sacrifices?
Pilgrimage to holy lands we so embark?
And our Clergies so renowned?
How come we’re in this morass?

Our ivory towers so countless
Our youths so eager to pursue knowledge
Bringing us much price and pride?
How come in this morass

Our lads and damsels
Aren’t hey handsome, beautiful and brilliant
So patient and industrious
Ready and able to serve
Why then in this morass?

Our elders and veterans
Aren’t they full of wisdom, experience and strength?
And never tired?
Why then in this morass?

Compatriots, aren’t we gifted?
Though passive, but patient and committed
Among the best brain so scattered
Aiding others advance in sciences and . . .
Why then in this morass?
– By McPat Michael Linus

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