Poultry Farming Is Lucrative, But… Tersoo Ngobua, Vet Doctor

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By McPatrick Michael Linus

Dr. Tersoo Ngobua is an Abuja-based veterinary doctor and poultry farmer. In this interview with McPatrick Michael Linus, Dr. Ngobua speaks at length on the challenges in poultry farming and how the government could intervene in the sector to make work better for positive change in the country

Dr.  Tersoo Ngobua
Dr. Tersoo Ngobua

Sir, please tell us a bit about yourself?
My names are Dr. Tersoo Ngobua, the Managing Director of God’s Own General Solution. I am a proud farmer

When you say a farmer, what comes to mind of a Nigerian is someone with a hoe and cutlass in a farm. Could you please explain what you mean?
I’m a veterinary doctor and have birds as my area of specialization, but I preferred to be call a farmer. Nonetheless, you’re very right; Nigerians don’t like to be called farmers for reasons best known to them. I’m a poultry farmer and want to be referred to as such.

How did you get into poultry farming business?
I got fascinated with animals and agriculture generally growing up as a child. I used to have a small poultry farm way back in the village where I reared local chickens. This passion remained with me throughout my youth years. To be honest, I never knew I would go fully into agriculture, let alone become an animal doctor.

So at what point did you consider becoming a vet doctor?
I wanted to study engineering because of my love for Mathematics. I never knew I’ll end up this way, until I was admitted into University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State and was given Animal Science as a course of study. After my university days, I attached myself to a farm and worked without being paid for years just to know the practical aspects of it beyond the theory in the classroom, before I thought of starting one myself. As I look back with great nostalgia I have every reason to thank God for everything.

You are the producer of AWARD FEED, tell us more about it
Before I talk about my poultry feed, I want to say that my company’s name is God’s Own General Solution. We’re into poultry consultancy, construction and supplies of all poultry materials, production of poultry feed and sales. We are your number shop for everything poultry. So whether you want to set up a poultry farm, treat your birds, buy feed and so on, we’re at your service.
We go the extra mile in making sure we produce the best of poultry feed. Those who try our products and services instantly fall in love with them. Our ultimate goal and motto is “Helping farmer grow”. This is beyond rhetoric. A trial will convince you.

What are the major challenges you face in this business?
That’s a good question and I’m glad you asked. If I want to talk of the challenges we face the whole of today won’t be enough but I’ll just limit them to seven. These are fake poultry drugs in the market; high cost of poultry feed materials; multiple taxation; lack of electricity and water supply; lack of financial assistance from the government; high importation of cheap poultry products into the country; and proliferation of quack veterinary doctors in poultry farms.
For heaven’s sake why should the government throw the country’s door open for everyone to import cheap poultry products into the country just to ruin our businesses? Ironically, those imported products are very unhealthy and below the standard of the ones we have here.

How do you want the government to help poultry farmers?
The government has a lot to do to encourage and boost poultry and agriculture generally in the country beyond the lip service we see today. Poultry business is big business everywhere in the world with potential to create thousands of job opportunities for our teaming unemployed youth if given the necessary support.
Government must stop the importation of any form of poultry product into the country, subsidize all materials needed for the production of poultry feeds, do away with multiple taxes and of course remove the bottleneck in accessing funds at the Bank of Agriculture, among other challenges facing poultry business in Nigeria today.

How many workers do you have in your employ?
I have 18 workers on my payroll, with the potential and capacity to employ more if we can get help from the government.

Your closing remarks?
My closing remark would be in form of advice first to anyone interested in going into poultry farming. Make sure you are moved by passion and don’t just rush into it because you think it’s lucrative. Yes it’s lucrative no doubt but consult an expert before starting one. Over 80% of the reasons why most poultry farmers close business is due to dealing with quacks who parade themselves as consultants. These guys have a way of getting to the farm before an expert and most farmers fall victim largely due to ignorance or perhaps our penchant for patronising quacks. Then, the government should realize that agriculture is the only panacea to ending protracted food shortage, youth restiveness and unemployment in the country.

God’s Own General Solution:
– Poultry Consultancy,
– Feed milling and sales,
– Sales of broiler and layers
– Construction and sales of all poultry materials, etc
*Abuja office: Shop 2 Amudolak Guest Inns, Kuduru, Bwari, Abuja.
* Kaduna office: SS 8 Railway Senior Quarters, opposite railway football field, Kaduna.
PHONE NO: 07061503714, 08152752214, 08184337014

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