Presidential Inauguration: Israel, APC Youth Groups Move To Implement Tinubu’s Campaign Promises To Young Nigerians

Some APC youth groups' leaders at the event
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By Akombo Aondona, Abuja

As the All Progressives Congress (APC) prepares for the inauguration of the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, National Youth Leader of the Party, Mr. Dayo Israel and APC Youths Support Groups which worked for the party in the 2023 General Election Campaign have set machinery in motion to implement the campaign promises which Tinubu made to all young Nigerians.  

 Indication to this effect emerged on Tuesday 25 April, 2023 from a pre-inauguration meeting of the APC Youths Support Groups held at the APC National Secretariat, Abuja.

  Speakers at the meeting gave assurances that the APC would not dump the youth of Nigeria after they had mobilised them to vote for Tinubu and made possible his victory in the 25 February, 2023 presidential election.

In his address, Chairman, Asiwaju Youths Empowerment Initiatives and leader, APC Progressive Football Academy LTD, Asiwaju, A. Alebiosu, said the meeting was called to set the ball rolling in terms of youth empowerment as promised during the campaign, with a view to creating a brighter future for all Nigerian youth post-May 29, 2023 and for generations to come.


He said the office of the APC National Youths Leader has identified sport as a viable tool for youth development in the country and would pursue it to cover all Nigerian youth irrespective of their political, religious leaning or economic status.

Alebiosu, who is also Personal Assistant to the APC National Youths Leader, said: “We are here to empower the youth across the country through sports. We want to set the record as the first political party to have a sports academy. We want to assure Nigerian youth that APC does not use the youth for elections and dump them.

“Our president-elect is a sports-loving person who has been tested and trusted when he was Lagos State governor. So the APC Youths wing is pursuing Tinubu programmes for youth development in the country especially when it comes to sports. We spent time to convince the youths during the campaign period and we are setting the ball rolling on our intents.

“Campaigns are over now and it is time for governance. We want to assure the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu that we are going to give him the much needed support for his youth development programmes to arrest insecurity in the country.”

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