Suspended Lawmaker Begs Bindow, Adamawa Assembly

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Adamawa State Governor, Jibrilla Bindow
Adamawa State Governor, Jibrilla Bindow

From Tom Garba, Yola
A suspended member of the Adamawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Abdulrahaman Isa has apologised to Governor Jibrilla Bindow and the state’s legislature over what he calls “a fruitless battle that will not yield any tangible results to the state”.
Isa, who is serving a three-month suspension slammed on him by the Assembly on grounds of passing alleged wrong information to the people of the state is now re-stressing his statements and looking on an amicably way of resolving his differences with both the governor and his colleagues.
The lawmaker, who represents Mubi South State Constituency, pleaded for forgiveness from Bindow and his colleagues.
Recall that for more than two months there has been a sour relationship between the lawmakers triggered by Isa alleging that the other legislatures are collaborators with the state’s executives to be syphoning and looting the state’s treasury.
A statement that angered the lawmakers to suspend him for passing wrong information to the people of the state capable of denting them and even the Governor of the state
The embattle legislature told The Dream Daily: “Whatever bad blood I have created in the past as a of result of my utterances I’m asking them to forgive me, there is a need for our unity than being apart not even for my sake but for the sake of my constituency and the state in general.”
“We are a family in the House, if 24 of them will all agreed that I’m wrong, I have to admit that I’m actually wrong. Our unity and staying in peace in the House is what will unite the state. I can’t go on fighting a fruitless battle that will not bring tangible results to the people of the state”.
Isa claimed to have learned his lessons as a beginner in parliamentary business and urged all members of Adamawa Assembly to work togetherness for the progress of the state.
“I wish the Governor of the state a Happy New Year and my colleagues in the state’s House, urging them to forget all that has happened in the past and forge ahead for the development of the state,” he added.
But it appears the new turn of leaf by the embattle legislature did not satisfy some of the lawmaker, considering the serious havoc his statement did to their image.
The Dream Daily learned that Bindow and the Assembly would only accept Isa’s apologies after he must have discontinued the legal case he instituted against them challenging his suspension.

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