Ten Takeaways From Buhari’s First Presidential Chat

President Buhari
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President Buhari
President Buhari

1. Federal Government has lost track of Chibok girls
2. Subsidy on petrol at today’s low crude price is a scam
3. Recipients of N5,000 stipends will have to work for it on government farms
4. Nigeria will negotiate with Boko Haram
5. Buhari would rather have the innocent suffer than allow the guilty escape
6. President thinks that France still trade in French francs and Germans still spend Deutschemarks
7. DSS’ flouting of court orders has the President’s support
8. Rule of law has been traded off in Buhari’s fight against corruption
9. The President doesn’t just get the pro-Biafra agitation
10. Excited teenagers are fair shooting games for the Nigerian Army if they hit the chest of a general, mount road blocks and threaten soldiers with missiles

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