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Dr. Gimba
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We have, over time, developed a culture of now and then giving our readers the opportunity to be heard. Today is one of those. Enjoy the views, please.

Two tears for Dadiyata and the Sun, by Hassan Gimba (28/08/2023)

It’s hard to believe that Dadiyata has disappeared for this long without any deliberate action by authorities concerned to rescue him, if he’s alive, or to provide an explanation of what actually transpired.

Dr Ukasha Ismail

This issue is worthy of serious consideration, let action take its cause, please let the security do something about his whereabouts.

Yunusa Mohammed Babie

So, do those who did this think everything is okay? God is waiting for them at the end of their journey.

Abdul-Maleek Muhammad

This is what is in my mind; they do not believe there is God.

Ibrahim Musa

From all indications, there is no fear of God in their affairs.

Abdul-Maleek Muhammad

I once wrote an observation regarding Tears of the Sun a little after its release and it was published in FIM magazine and it was republished in Almizan but I think you must have forgotten.

Ibrahim Sheme

That is very true, sir, I have forgotten.

Ibrahim Musa

This is very true, sir.

Musa Muhammad Danmahawayi

But this goes a long way to show that Nigeria, or rather its leaders, lack vision and the understanding to know the difference between what dignifies or vilifies it. This is just regarding the country, not to talk on what affects its citizens.

Kamal Y. Iyantama

Aroma of psychiatry is looming around us and all sides from the ruthless abductors for ransom or “money making”, an idea that’s tested never real and infeasible but Satan made some to believe the dummy dull elites/leaders, and of course, the other most painful side, the security and judiciary where justice is sought but instead injustice met always. All those making Nigeria a wild state living in wilderness where even money is not enough guarantee to safety. Just count yourself lucky to survive!

Baba Abdul

Resurgence of coups in Africa and the panacea, by Hassan Gimba (04/09/2023)

In addition, Sudan, when the military seized Omar Albasheer’s power in 2019, he served as Sudan’s president for almost 30 years.

Jamil Sawwa-sawwa

Corrupt sit-tight leaders who believe that they know better than others and feel without them their countries can’t move forward are the main causes of rampant coup d’état in Africa. The African francophone leaders are there to channel the resources of their countries to feed their colonial master, France.

Mohammed Saleh Jere

Hmmmm…This resurgence of coups in Africa, can Russia come clean of not having hands in it? Just asking!

Jfr Chas Idẹho

What exactly are you accusing Russia of? Did Russia colonize any African country? Or did a Russian family rule Gabon for 56 years? Look inwardly at the greed of your so-called leaders!

Ogholi Victor Jalivez Obaro

Russia or not, good governance is the solution.

Ayodele Henry Ogunleye

Russia didn’t ask African leaders to be irresponsible. As long as there is a leadership crisis in Africa, the military intervention will be a reoccurring event.

Austin Iraoya

For sure, Russia is behind it, it was Prigozhin , the leader of Wagner that provided assistance and training to those that are now at the helm of affairs in Mali and Burkina Faso. Prigozhin did it with the authority of Russia.

Recently 41 African countries signed a military agreement with Russia.

But at the same time, Africa needs good governance.

Wale Olatinpo

Let Russia breathe biko.

Babatunde Kotun

It’s an open secret now that African nations colonized by France now open their eyes and see the master as the enemy. (Francophone).

Oluleye Omolokun

They are even strangulating them with their God given resources.

Ajibade Noah Olawoyin

Ali Bongo of Gabon 14 years in office manipulated third term elections with his father for 56 years, also Paul Biya of Cameron in office since 1982 on wheelchair and France still supporting them.

Oluleye Omolokun

Where it came from does not matter, liberation is the word until the whole African is free.

Basil Chika

Poverty and corruption is the reason behind it. Gbagbe Russia.

Ajibade Noah Olawoyin

No evidence.

Benefit Homolaw

There’s one common force here and that’s France. They’ve really done badly in some African nations….

Rinlaye Adewale Michael

Whatever, all we need is freedom from misrule.

Daniel Lawson

It is situational circumstances, the Citizens of Francophone countries are slaves at home and abroad and the hypocritical world is watching as they turn the country into monarchy.

Suleiman Abubakar Babagana

Hassan Gimba is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Neptune Prime.

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