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By Sylva-Onyema Uba
As President Good luck Jonathan kisses Aso Rock Villa good bye, what will be the way forward for the new democratic dispensation?
I strongly believe that ‘a true leader should always ask this fundamental question: What am I going to do to improve Nigeria and the lives of Nigerians. He should be able to appraise himself constantly to know if he has achieved or not.
Nigeria is richly blessed with natural and human resources but the enemy called ‘corruption’ cometh like a thief to steal and destroy.The Nigerian situation is what William Shakespeare describes in Macbeth as ‘fair is foul and foul is fair’’ and according to Fela- ‘’suffering and smiling’’ .
Undoubtedly, it is a case of what Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his poem: ‘The Rime of Ancient Mariner’ refers to as:
Water, water, everywhere…
Not any drop to drink.
Our leaders should see leadership as an opportunity to serve and not as an opportunity to loot; an opportunity to be selfless and not an opportunity to be selfish. Chinua Achebe’s statement is still relevant in our polity when he says: ‘The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership’.
Firstly, GMD should ensure there is constant power supply in this country. If there is constant power supply in this country, every other aspect of the economy will thrive. Individuals can be self-employed, paralyzed industries would be resurrected and new ones emerge.
What will it take for Nigeria to have constant power? The Achilles’ heel in Nigerian leadership has always been the inability to provide constant and uninterrupted power.
Nigeria will continue to be underdeveloped and impoverished until there is a constant power supply in this country. GMD should take the bull by the horn and scrutinize the energy sector by ensuring that he appoints a capable Minister for the power sector who will regulate the activities of the private marketers. The time for promises and deceit is over. This is a new dawn, a time for action, a time for reality and I believe that GMD can lead Nigerians to the promised land.
Similarly, the problem of insecurity should be surmounted by this regime. When there is security, investors feel safe to invest in Nigeria, businesses function smoothly and peace will reign in our Nation.
Moreover, GMD should create a platform that will open a vast window for job creation in Nigeria. When more Nigerians are gainfully employed, the crime rate will be reduced and poverty will be wiped out in our economy.
Finally, in as much as I want GMD to concentrate more on developing the agricultural sector like making agriculture the economic power base, I want the oil sector to be paid a good attention. GMD should ensure that the corruption plaguing the oil sector is flushed into the lagoon and a fresh breeze can be inhaled in our oil sector such that will guarantee steady availability of fuel for our cars; gas and kerosene for our cooking to mention a few.
Frankly speaking, these are some of the indices of economic development. Nigeria will never develop if we are still in a state of power outage or epileptic power supply, insurgency, unemployment and fuel scarcity.
GMD can make the difference. God bless Nigeria!
Sylva-Onyema Uba wrote in from Abuja

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