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(A dedication to October 1st)




– By Ferdinand Beshel


This hollowed crown?

No. But this Crown!

This crown I must wear

I thirst…….

I long……..

Passionately burning like a furnace

In the eye of my inner self

But work I must

For narrow the right path is

Leading straight-ahead to the crown

Working the best I can

For from inner strength is

Outer results

This crown……

This goal of my being

Dreams and vision and mission of impact

Around this crown steps of thorns may lie

But steps to the same crown

Around you, yes, crown

Hawks and wild creatures

Pester to fester this goal

Dare they may

But never overcome this

Golden goal

This crown, my being

Wear I must

Sitting fittingly atop my normal

For crowned in October

Coloured feathers

Around this hollowed you

Hollowed, but glorious and hallowed

Risk, but alluring

Bloody, but thirty

Fearlessness overcomes all

For courage comes with

Crown in victory

With my sword… the

Readiness for the cost

Not against you but

Hawks and predators

My crowns, my protection – my Nigeria in freedom

This crown

I must wear

My enduring trust

I struggle not against you

My crown, but for you

With me in victory

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