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The Dream Daily aims to change journalism practice and the media business in Nigeria through a combination of conventional and radical approaches.

We speak for the individual, especially the vulnerable and the abused; check abuses of Power and stand vigilant in the protection of free speech, in the service of truth and Mankind. We publish credible news and information that others miss or ignore, upon which citizens base their individual opinions and decisions regarding public or private affairs.

We are unrelenting in the pursuit of the ideal in the cause of nation-building, and insist that all individuals and institutions do their best to this end.

The Dream Daily increases the citizens’ knowledge of the proper role of government and reminds them of their duty to be informed, active and united in the cause of promoting good governance, in order to secure life, liberty and all necessities to the pursuit of happiness for themselves, relations and the future generations.

We are zealots in support of the Public’s right to know, a thorn in the flesh of spin doctors, information misers and votaries of secrecy.

We furnish our readers with a deconstructionist dais upon which to view and address all issues of importance, in the Postmodernist tradition.

The Dream Daily supports universal, time-tested family values, Democracy, citizen journalism, whistle-blowing, scholarship and allied intellectual undertakings, humanitarian/development work and the growth of all legitimate enterprise, especially start-ups, small, micro and medium businesses. All friends of Mankind can count on our support in their pursuit of peace, prosperity and the wellbeing of the human race. We serve the unserved and the underserved and we are your dream newspaper in a variety of ways. We are resolute, with the help of God, in fulfilling these commitments to the best of our ability.

You are invited to contend with ideas and provide solutions to Mankind’s challenges on the pages of The Dream Daily, in the belief you share our conviction that “Nothing is useful that is not honest.”

Thank you for reading The Dream Daily.

Please keep coming back for more and let us know what you think about this newspaper by writing to us.

The Dream Daily Team

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  1. I sincerely appreciate the philosophy and concept of the dream daily; from my own opinion the pursuit of doing the right things that is nurtured by TRUTH and by acting the TRUTH is the way to go .Everybody should play is part there is enough for everybody but greed is the canker worm of human failure .I hope the continual denial of peoples assess to resources will not eventually bring out the best in them .

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