Youth Relevance: Apostle Bako Calls For Paradigm Shift

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From Julius B. Kezi, Kafanchan
Nigerians have been called upon to consider the need for a paradigm shift, lay a new platform for the youth and future generations to fit into and complete with increasing global changes in field of academics, economics, politics and technological advancement.
President, Operation Catch the Fire Ministry International, Apostle Emmanuel Egoh Bako made the call at the weekend during a youth summit organized by the Ministry at the GoodNews Cathedral Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
Apostle Emmanuel Bako, who is also the Vice chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Kaduna State Chapter, said the new thinking will reposition and re-awaken Nigerian Youths to the complexities of the 21st Century global competitive work force, thereby making them relevant voices for the survival, unity, prosperity and future of the Nigeria nation.
According to him, “this mobilization transcends political, party, union or any fraternal affiliations. It is a communal clarion call to have a voice and authority to occupy our God given territory and position our youths to see the need to be in charge”.
The summit, with the theme, “Breaking New Frontiers,” according to Apostle Bako, would focus on specific needs in equipping the youth with needs and political facts on the essence for a shift from complacency and stereotyping of business as usual”.
Reading from the Holy Bible, Joshua 13, and Deuteronomy 4:22, the cleric posited that the summit is a move in the right, positive direction to usher in a legacy for posterity, when the youth would be empowered academically, economically, political and technologically, there by sharpening their visions, be seen and voices heard better in world affairs.
The cleric advised delegates to avail themselves opportunities offered by the summit and determined how frequent it would hold so that this mobilization drive is nationally accepted for the survival, unity and prosperity of the Country.
He prophesied that the days of divide and rule, complacency, stereotyping and task masters syndrome were gone with the emerging leaders with the heartbeat of God, true representation , those who would serve as umbrella for all, ensuring equity, fairness and justice in the management and distribution of resources for the common good of all .
Speaking on the topic, “The power of I can and I will,” Mr Emmanuel Adeolu-Olaiya, managing director YZ Africa Communication Limited Lagos, said a person ought to believe and trust God, take his own destiny in his hands with determination and discipline, within set period in order to succeed and become what he or she wants to become.
Urging the youth to have opened minds to every emerging opportunities provided by God, Olaiya said those who want to be great must think, confess and act globally and pay the price of seeking more new information, academically and informally, coupled with passion, hard work and shunning laziness and negative thinking.
Mr Emmanuel Jnr. Zakka, a lecturer and social media communicator also a resource person, spoke on “Preparing for the future” urged the youth to use their prime to serve God, pursue education and skills empowerment to become great, pointing that Kaduna State, particularly Southern Kaduna, is endowed with human, natural resources and good weather, which when harnessed properly would bring about academic, political and economic prosperity.
“Whatever you are passionate about or interested in ask God for direction and helpers of destiny, carry out your dream project with determination and all forces and elements would support you. Break away from the frontiers of theories and shift to practicalise your dream” he advised.
The third resource person, Pastor Philemon Kure, who dwelled on “Economic Prosperity” said the youth should not accept or be comfortable with being dependent on others as God has destined every person to be great by finding something to do.
“Every day breaks with problems and challenges, but money or wealth is hidden in them; only those who have the solutions will have the money or wealth. It is your decision to make or mar your future,” he pointed out with the story of Jephta in Judges II in the Holy Bible as an example
Elder Col. Boman Kachim, Rev. Gabriel Nduba, Pastor Cyndrella E. Bako, among others, in their goodwill messages and contributions said with economic and warfare are what the youth must fight and be determine to win to be able to realise their divine prosperity.
In a closing remarks, Apostle Bako said people of integrity must be allowed to lead the nation to the Promised Land. He added: “The youth must be properly groomed or empowered to produce such future leaders. Government and those who have the country at heart must deliberately provide skills empowerment centres, especially across Kaduna state, to fight poverty, unemployment and overdependence on government for white collar jobs.”
His ministry, he said, will soon organize economic, empowerment and political summits with the sole aim of producing total youth as future leaders.

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